We are keen for you to have a long and happy relationship with our pharmacy.

Prescription Service

We can access and supply any medication on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme). This includes any specialist medication that your Doctor may prescribe or that you have had initiated in hospital. If we need to order something in for you we have instant online access to our suppliers warehouse to see if stock is available and we can then have it delivered overnight. In the rare event that this is not possible we have a good relationship with other pharmacies and the local hospitals and can have medications couriered to you as a last option.

Travel Medication

Having the right medication and vaccines for your trip abroad can be the difference between a happy trip and a trip to forget. We can provide you with up to the minute advice on requirements for other countries. We understand the importance of correct labeling for foreign immigration services and we can supply you with a computer generated printout of your current medications in case you need to have them replaced whilst away.


Medications do cost money and we are very aware of the impact this can have on personal budgets. We adhere strictly to the PBS pricing structure and will never – ‘rip you off’. We try to be as competitive as we can to the big discount chains and can usually supply you with an equivalent medication at a favourable price to them. If you have any questions then please speak to us. We want you to be happy with our service and we are keen to work for you to minimise the cost of your treatment. We will never stock or supply products we think are not of sufficient quality though. There is a balance here that needs to be found but at the end of the day, sometimes the absolute cheapest product is not suitable.

Customer Club

Join our customer club and when you spend $150 on non prescription items we will give you a $10 gift voucher to spend in the pharmacy. This is our way of thanking you for choosing us as your pharmacy. Other pharmacies usually demand you spend $200 to get the same reward.

Diabetes Supplies

As agents for the National Diabetes Service we have online access to ensure you can get your necessary supplies of test strips, needles, syringes etc when you need them. You also only pay a minimal fee for the products. We are also happy to store your details and preferences so as to make it easier for you.

In our certified vaccine and medication refrigerator we carry a comprehensive range of insulins. The more common the type the more we stock. We try to have at least 2 of the unusual ones at all times as well. With next day delivery, this system works to keep the expiry date as long as possible for you.

We also have a sharps bin that you can put your used needles and lancets etc in. This is a free service too.

Medication Reviews.

We also provide a medication review service for our patients. This is in conjunction with your doctor. Typically our pharmacist Melissa Agnew would make an appointment and come to your house to work out what you have in your home, what drugs you are taking and other non prescribed drugs such as health supplements. This gives her an opportunity to look for duplications, dose questions, interactions between drugs, the effect of food on the efficacy of the drug and an opportunity for your to ask questions in a calm unhurried environment. A detailed report is then sent to your doctor and they can then review and consider any recommendations that are made.

This is a fantastic service as we have picked up many problems with peoples treatments before they had a chance to create a problem.

Webster Packaging.

Dose medication aids are becoming very popular in Lennox with our patients. We take all the worry and hassle out of taking your medication. Once a week we supply you with a prepacked blister pack containing your medication laid out by time and day. It is great for:

• People with many different medications

• Those with similar looking and sounding medications

• Complicated instructions on when to take the medications

• People with particularly potent drugs that can have major consequences for them if they make a mistake taking them.

• People who don’t remember to take them as well as they used to.

It is great for families as they can be happy that a relative is safe in getting the correct medication at the correct time. At the end of the week we review the packs to look for any left over tablets which can result in treatment failure and bad consequences. We have a system where the account for a persons medication and their webster packs can be sent to a family member to ease the financial burden on the relative too.

Home Delivery

Never forget that we do deliver to your home free of charge. We understand that if you can’t get to the pharmacy and you need medication then time is of the essence. We do regular deliveries on Thursdays for all our Webster pack customers but if you need something urgently we will get it to you.

Drug and Health Information.

Having reliable and understandable information about your therapy is important. We try to balance the need to give you information with the need to remove confusion from your treatment. We can print out for you the drug company official CMI leaflets plus we also have a shorter format version that can give you a better snapshot view. We can also get you information on any condition you may have with the hope that a bit of knowledge will make your management of it easier.

Blood Pressure Monitoring.

At anytime you can drop in and we will quickly take your blood pressure for you and record it. Knowing your target pressure is important to reduce the risks of complications long term. We have the top of the range digital blood pressure monitor here to ensure an accurate and repeatable result for you.